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Website; www.josephstrider.com


NAMMY nominated acoustic guitarist Joseph Strider has covered a lot of musical ground in his career thus far. From boy soprano in school choirs, to playing with a cover band, Strider has spent the years developing his own unique style, a style that fits in no established genre and can best be described as Modern Indigenous Alternative.

Strider received his first guitar at age nine. As a teen and young adult he gained valuable experience over a six year period of touring in his home state of Texas. In the years since he has refined his unorthodox playing style, determined to fully utilize the potential of the acoustic guitar. Inspired by guitarists such as Michael Hedges, Bruce Cockburn, Tommy Emmanuel, and Andre Segovia, Jimmy Page, the self-taught Strider has pursued his musical ambitions with a determination and eloquence that not many can match.

With no formal training or instruction, Joseph Strider has had the freedom to explore and develop a very personal relationship with his chosen instrument. That relationship is fully realized with his latest instrumental album 'String Theory'. 'String Theory' is the manifestation of the circle between the mind, hands and guitar, guided by Spirit to be a conduit for the emotions felt by Strider during composition.

In addition to the 2012 release of 'String Theory', the new year will be a busy one for Strider, but no matter how frenzied the pace becomes, it is the music that moves Joseph, the voice of Spirit that he has been blessed to hear and to pass on, that inspires him daily, that fuels the prolific flow of new guitar pieces.


Meanings Within Meanings, Within Meanings 2009

Little Bird 2010                

String Theory 2012


Available  at    http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX008QPBMJ 

And CDBaby http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/JosephStrider


Joseph is currently at work on a concept album titled "The Journey".

And the journey continues…




Coffee House Journeys…

Inspirations from the Red Road


Taking inspirations from real life, Joseph talks to other Native Americans from all walks of life as they come and share their stories with everyone on Joseph’s radio show, Coffee House Journey’s every Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. on the Wolf and the bear Network. 





















“The stage is where Joseph Strider's meant to be”

~ Tom Knapp Lancaster, PA

 “Joseph Strider's CD is pure musical ecstasy. Each song unfolds in a spiral of amazingly intricate guitar melodies and intelligent, heartfelt lyrics…sophisticated and complex acoustic guitar style combined with soothing vocals…one fiercely meaningful CD from deep within...”

~ Review from CD Baby, “Meanings within Meanings”


“Joseph Strider is a very talented song writer and gifted with a soft voice that will touches the bottom of your heart, his unique acoustic guitar playing is one of the best I have heard in a long time!”

~ Review from CD Baby, “Meanings within Meanings”

 “I had a sweet opportunity to interview Joseph Strider to talk about his music, intelligent lyrics and we get in depth talking about humanity and the world. Joseph’s powerful lyrics and music are incredible timeless masterpieces that have a powerful message and strong imagery”

~ Tina Wilson, HMTV Canada

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