Joseph Strider

Acoustic guitarist Joseph Strider has covered a lot of musical ground in his career thus far.
From boy soprano in school choirs, to playing with a cover  band, Strider has spent the years developing his own unique style, a style that fits in no established genre and can best be described as modern Indigenous alternative.

Strider received his first guitar at age nine. As a teen and young adult he gained valuable experience over a six year period of touring in his home state of Texas. In the years since he has refined his unorthodox playing style, determined to fully utilize the potential of the acoustic guitar. Inspired by guitarists such as Michael Hedges, Bruce Cockburn and Andre Segovia, the self-taught Strider has pursued his musical ambitions with a determination and eloquence that not many can match.

No matter how frenzied the pace becomes, it is the music that moves Joseph, the voice of Spirit that he has been blessed to hear and to pass on, that inspires him daily, that fuels the prolific flow of new guitar pieces.

2015 brings on another singer songwriter Acoustic guitar instrumental endeavor from Joseph Strider...
As time continues it appears as if we forget about when time began. We forget where we came from. We've forgotten about how those who came before us gave up so much so that we might live today. Not in Chemistry, but in song, stripping down the fabric of space between then and now, to help to remember... I give you Carbon 14